HighFlex, 14 & 16AWG Audio & Speaker Cable, Pure Copper, Unshielded, CMR - UL Listed

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  • UL LISTED WITH OFFICIAL LABEL: If it doesn’t have a holo label, it’s NOT a fast Cat. cable! Outfit your business or home security system with bare copper audio cable that’s proudly UL rated (the highest national standard for safety). While other cable providers claim to be UL listed, most aren’t. So be sure to check for an authentic holographic UL tag!
  • OXYGEN-FREE PURE BARE COPPER: There’s nothing worse than having your home or business robbed -- except the bad guys getting away with it because your security camera lost signal during the event. Unlike inferior CCA cables, our audio cable only uses oxygen-free bare copper for 68% HIGHER conductivity and a strong, consistent signal you can rely on!
  • TAA-COMPLIANT & FLAMMABILITY RATED: Not only is fast Cat. wire TAA-compliant and flammability rated, but it boasts an impressive CL3R & FT4 rating (higher than CL2 and CL3!). It’s also CMR and FT4 flammability rated so it complies with fire safety and insurance requirements that make it safe for use inside residential buildings. Just try to find another cable that does all THAT!
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE FOR EASY INSTALLATION: Effortlessly wire around corners, score jackets and weave through drywall with super flexible cable that’s easy to work with and install. Our outer jacket is tough enough to handle plenty of drops and bangs, yet pliable enough to make installation fast and easy. Choose from a variety of sizes, including 16 and 14 AWG!
  • FLEXIBLE & DURABLE: Make your next install fast and painless with flexible wires that are easy to maneuver and prep. Our cable is rugged and durable to handle anything you throw at it, yet pliable enough to quickly prep jackets for scoring or measure the length of your workspace

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Our cable is made of high quality pure copper by the No#1 UTP Manufacturer in South Korea.

100% Tested and Certified in terms of Quality, Performance and Reliability.